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Relocation Information

June 19th, 2014

A comprehensive document on all matters relating to moving to Thailand including:
1. Climate
2. Time
3. Culture
4. Language
5. Religion
6. Public Holidays
7. Thai smile
8. Thai Etiquette
9. Driving in Thailand
10. Tipping
11. Property Service
12. Orientation
13. Lease Provision
14. Land Office
15. Visas
16. Work Permits
17. Bank account set up
18. Company formation
19.  Social security
20. Local lawyers
21.  VAT
22. Tax services
23. Registered [...]

Permanent Residency in Thailand

February 16th, 2011

Thai law states that anyone who was born to a Thai father or a Thai mother inside or outside the country can obtain Thai nationality.

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A Thai national married to a foreign national keeps their Thai nationality unless they decide to formally give it up. The spouse of a [...]