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May 15th, 2010

For those wishing to start a business in Thailand, this is an essential guide to the rules & regulations pertaining to starting a business here. A foreigner may not operate a business which a Thai person can do and you should be aware that you will need to form a Thai Ltd Co.or Partnership to operate and most importantly obtain a work permit.

Starting a business in Thailand is not for the faint hearted and you should not rush in but spend time researching the market, opportunities, location and viability of your business plan for example bars, restaurants are very seasonal and you should take into account high and low seasons where you make money in high season but then lose money in low season etc…

Most foreigners lose their money here and there is a true saying which is a warning to anyone who does not adhere to the above advice “How do you make a small fortune in Thailand, bring a large one!

If you have any questions we look forward to hearing from you and take a look at our BUSINESS RESALE listingsĀ

Business Guide Thailand

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