May 15th, 2010

Just a sampling from the many satisfied Siam Real Estate customers. Also, check out our About Us page.

Siam Real Estate have provided an excellent service with regards to assisting me with finding my ideal property. I was vey impressed with the dedication shown by the company representatives in providing insight and local knowledge when viewing all potential properties in Phuket. There assistance with the intricacies of purchasing a property helped immensely and smoothed the process. The bonus incentive scheme by recommending other people to purchase saw me receive a nice financial reward. I highly recommend them to any individual seeking an agency that has the expertise, experience and network to find the best possible solution for your needs. Dave Martin (UK/China), Jan 2009

Siam Real Estate have been excellent in providing insight and local knowledge for outsiders wishing to purchase property in Phuket. Their assistance in locating the property that is right for me, their ongoing service in traversing the purchasing process has been spot on. I highly recommend them to any expatriates seeking an agency that has the expertise, experience and network to find the best possible solution for them. Darren Clapson (Australia/China), Jan 2009

We cannot praise Siam Real Estate enough and the professionalism of their agent Kevin Hodges. He ensured regular contact and updates throughout our search for a property. Kevin showed us complete understanding of our requirements and went ‘that extra mile’ as a matter of course. We will happily be recommending Siam Real Estate to our friends. Many thanks Kevin! Helen and Andrew Ruffle (UK/Cyprus), Jan 2009

First of all, thank you so much for spending so much time with me even though my son was offshore and I could not come to a decision about the house. What you found for us is so perfect that we couldn’t be happier. The split level turns out to be quieter and safer than I could have imagined and the salt-water pool is such a wonderful delight! Our landlord almost anticipates my needs before I do. We’re as happy here as I ever thought we could be; all because you spent time listening to all this “new grandma’s” woes and trying to fulfill each one with patience and tolerance. We are forever grateful, Sue and Phailin Ledet (USA)

Patrick, You have made “Life with Mother”, to say the least, tolerable. As I believe I told you, I’d seen these houses you found for us a couple before and I liked them both a lot. We are as happy as we can be here now. We love the view of the jungle and the Thai kitchen in ours and just the houses in general. I appreciate your spending so much time with my mother before I came in from offshore and I know it was hard for you for me to be shooting numbers of houses for you to show her from out there while she wasn’t able to really make a decision from Phuket. You’ve been patient with us and your office staff has been most gracious. Regards, Hampton & Pui Ledet (USA)

I wish to take this opportunity to testify that my wife Anna and I, we have been extremely happy to be assisted by Siam Real Estate (SRE) in our house hunting process in Phuket. First, we need to congratulate SRE for their very comprehensive, informative and user friendly web site. Assisted by their representative (we worked with Ou – very efficient!!!) we made initial identification of limited number of locations which are suitable for international residents. Subsequent review of the properties in these specific locations restricted the candidate properties to a manageable number. Consequently, before actual landing in Phuket, thanks to SRE we knew exactly where we shall go and more or less what we should expect. This improved the ’see-and-eliminate’ process dramatically. SRE representative was very efficient in scheduling visits and advising on the pro’s and con’s of the neighborhood, developer’s reliability, location values, etc. She was always available to stay with us (often working overtime until 8:00PM – 9:00PM). From our experience, we can only recommend SRE as the company to choose for your future quest for housing in Phuket. Wladek Bawiec (Poland)

Dear Friend Nice and all the nice people at the Phuket Siam Real Estate,

Thank you so much for rendering a usually tedious process into a most enjoyable endeavor. Firstly I chose you without knowing anyone at your office, just by checking your website and finding it very user friendly. What a pleasure it was to actually discover the real friendliness of everybody at the office and of the agent assigned to me in particular. We have become good friends and I would like it that we remain so irrespective of any future business transactions. Thanks again, Alexis Apostolidis (Greece)

Siam Real Estate had the best website in Phuket and the Team were efficient and helpful during our recent property purchase. In particular we would like to thank Khun Kita who was patient, kind and went out of her way to help us find our new home in Rawai and looked after us so well and Khun Anna for all her hard work in sorting out all the paperwork necessary during the purchase of the property. We would be happy to recommend Siam Real Estate. Don & Bunty Stallion (UK/Spain)

Siam Real Estate delivered what they promised – unbiased, honest and prompt advice as well as support throughout the entire purchase process: from house viewing until the contract signing. We felt very comfortable with them and would be happy to recommend their services to anybody interested in buying real estate in Phuket. A special thank you to our agent Ms Nice, who went to great length to accommodate our wishes! Anna and Patrick (Switzerland)

Dear Nice: I just wanted to take a minute to write to you and thank you for your wonderful help in finding our dream home in Phuket. There was nothing that you would not do for us. Before we even arrived in Thailand and met you, you had thoroughly researched the best matches for our property needs, obtained brochures, made appointments and set-up a tour of some excellent properties. Perhaps that thing I liked most about working with you is your inherent Thai understanding of the island and the culture – things that my western mind and eyes would miss. You were able to look at a development and comment on more than the bricks and mortar, and really assess if it would be a good fit for the lifestyle I was seeking. In the short few days I was in Phuket, we were able to narrow down the many areas to focus on Laguna and then select the Layan Sunset property as the best choice for us. We are very happy with our purchase and look forward to one day soon moving to Phuket. Thanks again. Keith Henry

We’re especially grateful to you and your colleagues for helping us to find the right place for us. Just over a year ago, after spending 2 weeks looking at many properties, we were about to return home the following day, very disappointed that we hadn’t found what we wanted. We came in to your office on the off-chance, without an appointment, but you took time to have a good talk with us. After talking to you, we formed a better idea of what we required, and your suggestion of Nai Harn Baan Bua development proved to be just right. Your expertise and experience in the property field was very reassuring for us. This, together with very good professional support and advice, enabled us to make our decision within 24 hours. We’ve enjoyed the year of waiting for the house to be built. It’s given us time to think about a lot of things, and we appreciate the fact that you have always remained available to answer our questions promptly. We’ll have no hesitation in recommending Siam Real Estate if we meet anyone else who is looking for a property in Phuket. Thank you once again. Warm regards, Madeleine and Roger Emerson (UK)

It is now 2 1/2 months since Shelley and myself started looking to purchase property in Thailand , We were very fortunate to have found Mr. Richard Company Siam Real Estate.The extremely professional and caring attitude displayed at all times was overwhelming.Your attention to every matter that arose and dealt with put us at case on many occasions. We certainly recommend that anyone looking to purchase property in Thailand contact Siam Real Estate, what could have been a nightmare was not and now our dream has come true. All thanks to your professional team. As you are aware we will be looking for a business next and we know your assistance will only make this an easy task. Maurice & Shelley Saunders (Australia)

We have for a long time been searching for a holiday home in Asia . After comparing all the pros and cons, Phuket seemed to offer most of what we were expecting. After having been in contact with several real estate agents on the island, we decided to assign Siam Real Estate to find us what we were looking for. With a limited budget and rather extensive expectations, it was not an easy assignment. Nevertheless, Siam Real Estate took on the task and worked relentlessly to find something very close to our specification and within our budget. We appreciate the fact that the people at Siam Real Estate did listen and respected our budget by refraining from proposing anything too expensive. We also appreciate the one-stop-shop concept with the after sales services available of which we are certain to benefit from when we have settled in our house.. Siam Real Estate is a professional real estate agency which we would happily recommend to others looking for a property in Phuket. Johan Adler (HK/EHK)

We certainly appreciated the support and advise received from Siam Real Estate when purchasing our property in Phuket. Recommended to us by friends, the staff at SRE has been truly professional, approachable and personable throughout the entire purchasing venture. Our relationship began before we even visited Phuket. The Siam Real Estate website is very informative and on our arrival the staff had selected a variety of properties for us to view, meeting the criteria we had provided. Over a period of one week they showed us properties all over Phuket. At all times we found them informative, unobtrusive and felt they answered our questions honestly. Having decided to have a villa built at Nai Harn Baan Bua, they supported us throughout the process. We felt comfortable with their staff at all times and as absentee owners we look forward to having a continued relationship with them regards property management. Rex and Heather Grey (New Zealand)

I went to Phuket to buy something quite different and ending up buying not one property but four. Why you ask? The reason was down to the excellent services of the Siam Real Estate team. From advice, inspections, finding the right property, local Information , down to connecting me with a top rate lawyer Siam Real Estate made it easy.Thank you all at Siam Real Estate for your professionalism dedication and most of all for making the daunting task of buying property in Thailand that much easier and enjoyable. Terry Bliss (UK)

I would like to thank you for selling the first property off plan of our project in such a short timeframe. The fast sales have enabled us to start the second phase much earlier than previously anticipated.Thank you very much for your professional and smooth handling of the sales and looking forward to doing business with you again in the future. Allard Voute (Holland)

I found Siam Real Estate on the web before flying to Phuket to look at potential property; I chose them because their web site was the most professional and comprehensive of all those I viewed. On arrival (unannounced) they were most helpful; personally taking me only to properties suited to my requirements and matching my budget. On subsequent visits and prior to choosing my future home they again were most accommodating and I was able to view quite a number of properties over several visits. They were patient and followed my enquiries up on each visit. I can thoroughly recommend Siam Real Estate to anyone thinking of purchasing property in Phuket. Mike Rossiter (UK)

Working with Siam Real Estate as a partner in my real estate purchase has been a great pleasure. The team’s open and professional approach made the necessary transactions easy to understand, I always felt safe and very well informed! Roger Konopasek (Austria)

I must commend the way that the sales manager and the rest of the team at Siam Real Estate assisted us in buying our property. We were taken back to a couple of properties on more than one occasion to ensure that the decision we made was the right one. And we did make the right decision. We have brought a beautiful property in Naiharn and our sincere thanks go to all at Siam Real Estate in their efforts to ensure our needs were met. Chris Maloy (Australia)

We have been very impressed with the service we received from Siam Real Estate. The sales manager put a huge effort into selecting which properties to show us, so as not to waste our time touring unsuitable places. He was accommodating , friendly and very helpful and very perceptive – the first place that he suggested was in fact the place we bought! His patience and good humour made property hunting most enjoyable. Jo & George Eddings (UK)

I received efficient and pleasant service from Siam Real Estate when I came to Phuket in search of a house and had only three days to find the perfect place. The representatives came to my hotel with an excellent portfolio of houses they thought I might be interested in based upon our phone conversation and drove me to all of them. They told me I didn’t have to worry about being polite and I could leave any of the houses immediately if I didn’t feel it was the right house and this made the process very efficient for me. I wasn’t rushed by the agents either, and I felt comfortable with them. Even though I did not buy a house through them in the end, only because I saw another house I was interested in earlier, they were still polite, friendly, courteous and very helpful – and this is the true measure of a good real estate company – how they act if you don’t buy from them. Jasper (Thailand)

Working with Siam Real Estate was easy. The Office Manager was kind and patient and incredibly thorough and well prepared. Critically, we used our precious time wisely, looking at projects within budget and with a candid analysis of how each fitted our criteria.Settling on the beautiful villas at Nai Harn Baan Bua was an equally easy decision. Working with a visionary who’s also a craftsman (Khun Akachai) made our decision to purchase in that gated community one that felt just right. Siam Real Estate staff were there for us all the way, helping with communication and questions and giving an expert perspective on the real estate scene on Phuket. We couldn’t be happier with our experience. Bob Dunseth and Treena Casey (USA & NZ)

What can I say? First if I haven’t complained it is because the service was good and the staff were very helpful. Regarding the website, I think this is the best I have seen, very convenient and easy to access and use. Gilles Segret (France)

Being a first time purchaser in Thailand it was important to me to find a broker that could be trusted and able to guide me through the intricacies involved in making a purchase in Thailand . Siam Real Estate met both criteria and indeed went over and above what was expected by walking me through every detail thus ensuring a smooth transaction. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective purchaser. Brian Evans (UK)

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