Due Diligence

May 17th, 2010

When buying property in Thailand we highly recommend you use a reputable lawyer, do not under any circumstances try to go it alone as there are so many pitfalls, especially with the spoken and written Thai language interpretations. Foreigners may not own land in Thailand so legal mechanisms are used to overcome this situation and a good english speaking Thai lawyer (less costly) or preferably an International lawyer should be used.

The main checks are if off plan building approvals, government licences, zoning laws, land title, free access to land/property, and resales no liens, mortgages against the property. A lawyer will draw up a “Sales & Purchase agreement” having done the necessary conveyance and due diligence checks mentioned previously.

When buying land to build a house, the most common problem happens later after completion of the property when you find someone building on adjacent land blocking your view or worse, so check out the surrounding environment and land owners (which is not covered in due diligence) before you buy.


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