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July 4th, 2011

Renting a villa or apartment long term is becoming very popular in Thailand especially in resort areas such as Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui. Many would be buyers are deciding to hold off and rent for one year or more while they get to know the area and learn the ways of Thailand without any risk.

Renting long term is very cheap compared to Europe and you can find a 2 bed villa with pool for as little as 20,000 THB or EURO 440 per month. Majority of properties are fully furnished and offer all usual amenities. View here to see our selection of over 360 villas in Phuket .

Using an Agent

It is highly recommended that you use a reputable real estate agent to ensure you get the right advice, property selection, and assistance in viewings and negotiating the best rate possible. Going it alone is not advisable.

Rental Prices

Rental prices range from as little as 10,000 THB per month up to 300,000 THB for luxury high end villas with stunning ocean views and staff to cook and clean and provide a first class service.

The average 3 bed pool villa (If sharing sleeps 6) in a quiet area such as Rawai, Naiharn, Phuket with lots of restaurants, bakeries, bars, shops, and very close to famous Naiharn beach go for 35-50,000 p.m. THB

Rental term and utilities

A long term rental is 1 year but usually a minimum of 3 months however negotiable with the owner. The rental price includes in most cases, maid service, pool cleaning and gardener but utilities such as electric, water, cable or UBC TV, internet are normally extra. Check with agent or owner at the outset.


Most villas apartments have internet available but not always broadband so you should check on speed available if this is an important criteria.

Rental payment

Rent is due on the first of each month in advance and must be paid to the owners account as agreed at the time of booking. Failure to make payment on the due date or within 7 days of the due date is grounds for immediate eviction.

Security deposit

The owner will require a security deposit on booking which is normally 2 months’ rent and is held by the owner until check out and as long as all utilities and other bills have been paid and there is no damage to the property then the deposit will be returned in full usually within 21 days of departure. This delay is due to owner waiting for utility bill account amount.


On checking in the owner should provide an inventory list for you to check, agree and sign. We strongly recommend you check furniture take photos and inform the owner of any damage, scratches etc at the outset to avoid any disputes on check out.

Lease Agreement

Before you move in the owner should provide a standard lease agreement with the terms which you must agree with the owner prior to occupation. The cost of this agreement is usually shared between the parties (we can provide for 5,000 THB a standard lease agreement).


It is recommended that you take out full insurance cover prior to occupation to cover all eventualities.

Misuse of the Property

The owner reserves the right to interrupt service and evict the tenant due to noise complaints or any type of property abuse without a refund. Illegal activities will be cause for immediate eviction by local police.

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